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Welcome to Harrison Park's web page.

Oh, dearie me!

My website has been unavailable for several days for which I apologise. It appears that, under the terms of the web hosting site, I am forbidden - their word - from mentioning a certain internet retailer whose name is that of a fierce female warrior. I am told this is because of 'serious abuse'. I am, therefore, unable to provide a direct link to my book. Until I can resolve the issue, you'll have to use your imagination.

'Spaceship' now available on {Fierce Female Warrior}

It has been along time coming, for a variety of reasons, but 'I Won a Spaceship' is at last available on {Fierce Female Warrior} in both Kindle format and as a POD paperback. The Kindle version costs $5.53. The paperback, due to overheads over which neither I nor the the publisher, Direidi Publishing, have any control, costs $24.99. You will, however, get a quality book that, as well as being an excellent read, you will be proud to display on your bookshelf.

To buy the book, either through Smashwords follow the 'Buy The Book' link. To obtain the paperback or Kindle versions you enter "http://www.{Fierce Female Warrior}.com/dp/1466211105" into your browser, it will take you to the book. To find out more about it, Follow the 'My Books' link.