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Spaceship Cover I Won a Spaceship

I am Crawford MacAdam, an ordinary man living an ordinary life until the evening the odd-looking man at my door announced I was the winner of the Grand Galactic Lottery. The prize - the most advanced, most luxurious spaceship ever made. To say I was incredulous would be an understatement. After all it's common knowledge that there's no other intelligent life in the universe and, besides, I don't do lotteries.

The strange being was persuasive and I was forced to accept the truth; the galaxy was awash with life, there really was a Lottery and I had won it. Of course, nothing is ever as simple as the salesman makes out. There were conditions attached to my sudden good fortune. I had to travel to Geretimal in the Capellan system where I would be presented with my prize on the Galactic Lottery trivee show watched by billions across the Galaxy. I would meet the President of the Capellan Theocracy. There would be promotional duties and a grand tour of Geretimal. Then there was the Breeding Programme. Oh, and I had to leave now. I balked at this one. While I could reluctantly abandon my job, my family, my friends and my home I would not abandon my cats. They had to come too.

It all sounded so easy back on Earth. Five minutes in front of the trivee cameras then a few weeks of smiling and waving and giving vapid interviews before zooming off in my brand new spaceship; Crawford MacAdam, playboy of the universe.

The reality was somewhat different. The bizarre world I encountered was a minefield of intrigue, corruption, conspiracy, bureaucracy, an environment that would kill me if I stepped out of doors and some anonymous beings who believed the galaxy would be a better place if I wasn't in it. Even the Lottery turned out to be a sham whose sole function was to induce me to impregnate the twenty-three carefully chosen young female beings of the Breeding Programme.

I could buckle under the pressure or I could fight. I fought, and along the way I discovered friends in unlikely places. I also fell in love. There were times I felt I was alone in a galaxy of 57 septillion beings, but I survived. More than that, I thrived. Even the tragic loss of loved ones couldn't break me. I'm still alive. I have the support of true and loyal friends. I will survive.