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I Won a Spaceship

Spaceship Cover

I Won a Spaceship is mostly a Science-Fantasy story. It describes the adventures of an ordinary man, Crawford MacAdam, who is placed in an extra-ordinary situation after he discovers he has won a bang-up spaceship in the Grand Galactic Lottery. To find out more follow the 'About the Book' link.

Potential readers should be warned that, although this is mostly a Science-Fantasy story, it deals with what are euphemistically described as 'adult themes'. In other words it contains four-letter words and fairly graphical descriptions of sex between consenting adults. To put it in perspective, the sex occupies perhaps 2% of the book. However, if you finds such scenes distasteful or offensive, either close your eyes as you read or close the book before the end of Chapter 4. Be warned, however, if you do the latter, you'll never find out how it finishes.

As a taster, you can read Chapter 1 absolutely free of charge by following the 'Chapter 1' link.